High Wind Warning Issued for Ocean City & Cape May County(OC-TV Special Weather Warning)

High Wind Warning
...high Wind Warning Now In Effect From Midnight Tonight To 6 Pm Edt Saturday... * What...northeast Winds 25 To 35 Mph With Gusts Up To 60 Mph Expected. * Where...in Delaware, Delaware Beaches. In New Jersey, Atlantic Coastal Cape May, Coastal Atlantic And Coastal Ocean. ...Read More.
Effective: September 23, 2023 at 12:00amExpires: September 23, 2023 at 6:00pmTarget Area: Atlantic Coastal Cape May; Coastal Atlantic; Coastal Ocean

The Benefits of Solitude


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By Taylor Wade

Taylor: Hey, can I ask you something, Maggie?

Maggie: What’s up, Taylor?

Taylor: I want to go out this weekend with my friends but I’m really stressed out right now because of work and school. I just came back from visiting my family in Missouri and it was a lot of fun; I got my mind off a lot of things. I wasn’t really thinking about my responsibilities back at home though, so now it’s all kind of piling up and I have no free time for myself. Should I just go anyway? They really want me to come bowling with them on Saturday.

Maggie: Maybe you should take a weekend and spend it in solitude. I’ve done it before and it helps me.

Taylor: “Solitude?” What is that and how is it good for me?

Maggie: Solitude is the state of being both physically and mentally alone. But it’s not the same as feeling lonely, which you can be regardless of whether you’re alone or surrounded by people. Solitude is, simply put, removing yourself from society, on your own terms, to better your mental health.

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